Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Science,
   University of Lincoln, Lincoln, U.K.

Faculty, Athens International Masters Program in
Neuroscience, Dept of Biology, University of Athens, Greece

Associate Editor, Cognitive Computation

Associate Editor, Scholarpedia

Email: vcutsuridis AT lincoln DOT ac DOT uk

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   • NCSR Demokritos
   • ATKOSoft S.A.
   • Biovista, LLC
   • ONTAR Corp
Education, Career

Technological professional knowledge, 2000–2006
  • 6-year professional software development experience across multiple technologies and platforms (in addition to a 22-year scientific programming experience, as of 2016)
  • Expertise in object-oriented design methodology and application development in Java and J2EE, including Servlets/JSP, EJB, JDBC/SQL, Threads, JFC/Swing, etc.
  • Experience in Web & object distribution technologies: HTTP, HTML/XML
  • Project experience with various development frameworks and tools: J2EE SDK, MATLAB, Mathematica, etc.
  • Main languages: Java, C++/C (past: Pascal, Fortran)
  • Main platforms: Windows, UNIX (Linux)
Personal skills
  • Highly creative and productive, able to design and build components or entire systems from scratch
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills resulting in high-quality enterprise-level deliverables
  • Strong proven presentation and communication skills
  • Successfully assumed technical leadership and project management roles
  • Excellent learning capability and adaptability to new environments
8.  NCSR Demokritos
Technical Manager, Ag Paraskevi, Greece, 6/2004–9/2006  
NCSR Demokritos, particularly its Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications focuses on research and development in the areas of Telecommunications, Networks, Web Technologies and Intelligent Systems. The main strategic objective of IIT is to excel in research and innovation required for the development of the knowledge society. The target of its current research plan is to tackle the challenges that arise due to the massive volume of multimedia information, the need for ubiquitous and transparent network access anywhere and anytime, and the demand for personalized services through intelligent information processing.
  • Management of all partners’s activities in a Telematics project (e-Medi: Virtual School on Medical Imaging and e-Learning Framework).
  • Analysis, design, development and implementation of telematics e-learning software app.
  • Expert proposal writer for technical offers.
Software development:
  • Visual Authoring Tool: Analysis, design, development and implementation of a course authoring app.
  • Technologies used: Java Swing, MS Access, JDBC-ODBC.
7.  ATKOSoft S.A.
Analyst I, Chalandri, Greece, 11/2003–6/2004  
Expert proposal writer for technical offers. Analysis, design, development and implementation of ERP software app for hospitals.

Clinical Manager: Analysis, design, development and implementation of ERP app for small hospitals.
Technologies used: EJBs, Swing, Oracle DB, JDBC, UML.
6.  Biovista, LLC
Systems & Algorithms Engineer, Ellinikon, Greece, 1/2003–11/2003  
Biovista applies its systematic discovery platform to develop pipelines of repositioned drug candidates in neurodegenerative diseases, epilepsy, oncology and orphan diseases.
Joined at an early stage and played a major role in the design and development of the literature based discovery system. Served as a project manager to two FP6 projects.

Project Management:
  • ESPERONTO: Application Service Provision of Semantic Annotation, Aggregation, Indexing and Routing of Textual, Multimedia, and Multilingual Web Content. - IST-2001-34373.
  • PARMENIDES: Ontology Driven Text Mining on Organizational Data for Extracting Temporal Valid Knowledge – IST-2000.
Software Development:
  • Algorithm development for automatic extraction of information from the Internet, fetching of URLs and their contents from biotechnology related journals, HTML and XML document parsing, text processing and string matching. Technologies used: Perl.
  • Design, development and implementation of a Literature Based Discovery software app. Technologies used: Java Swing, MS Access, text processing and string matching algorithms.
5.  ONTAR Corp
Staff Scientist, North Andover, Massachusetts, 9/2000–8/2001  
ONTAR Corp is a research and development company, which specializes in atmospheric sciences and other tasks.
Ontar was founded in 1981, and became a reseller of software in the field of atmospheric radiation. Ontar launched PCTran in 1987, in that time it was one of the first PC based software for high spectral resolution calculations of atmospheric transmission. PcTran (based on MODTRAN) allows to calculate radiances.
Design, development and implementation Visual C software app for atmospheric research. Provided technical support.

Software Development
  • Development and implementation of commercial graphical user interface versions of MODTRAN and FASCODE atmospheric science products developed by the Air Force and the Army. Technologies used: MS Visual Development Studio 4.0, ZAPP libraries.
Technical Support:
  • Provided technical support for PcModWin, PcLnWin, HitranPC, PcEosael, LidarPC, E-Trans, PcSenSat and ComBic.